Need Oracle Student Guides ???

There is no doubt that Oracle Student Guide is the best starting point for anyone who wants to learn a new Oracle Applications Module. You also get many Lab exercises to solve. I am sure most of you always wondered how can you get the student guides? Here is how you can get the Student Guides.

Log on to Oracle Metalink 

  1. Select the tab: Patches and Updates
  2. Select the link: Advanced Search
  3. Product or Product Family: Tutor (pro)
  4. Release:
    – Select Applications 11i for 11i courseware or model documents
    – Select Applications R12 for Apps Unlimited or R12 model documents, R12 courseware, and the latest Author & Publisher software
  5. Platform or Language: (*** if you do not select the correct platform, you will not see any patches for Tutor ***)
    – For Tutor 12 software and documentation patches, select Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
    – For Tutor 11 document patches, select Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Client
  6. Patch Type: Any
  7. Description: Enter one of the following COURSEWARE or MODEL DOCUMENTS or SOFTWARE to narrow the search for a particular type of patch. If you want to see all Tutor patches, leave this field blank.
  8. Leave the remaining fields blank.
  9. Select GO


 You will get the Courseware student guide in the search result which you can download.

Happy Reading :-)

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13 thoughts on “Need Oracle Student Guides ???

    • Gianni Pannozzo says:

      Hi Chirag,
      I am struggling to access this on metalink I am particular after the documentation for Oracle Projects your assistance would be appreciated.

      Regards Gianni

  1. burcu says:

    I have one more question, I guess from October on there are also some course ware documentations, which are controlled. I mean you need a kind o password to be able to download these tutorials, which is being changed almost weekly by oracle.
    do you have any idea bout it?
    r these documentations are jut for the people who ara joining the trainings of oracle itself?

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